Logo Agency is one of the best logo design agencies that caters to the needs and requirements of all types of businesses. We understand why a logo is important for any business. Therefore, we comprise of a team that possesses excellent skills and knowledge which is needed when it comes to logo designs. We offer our excellent, creative, innovative, and attractive services to all types of businesses. If you’re looking for a new logo or an upgrade on the one you have, Logo Agency will help you out! Our team will give your business the make over it needs so that your logo is recognized no matter how many competitors there may be. Check out our work ethics and see how professional we are for yourself!

We Collect Your Personal Information

When it comes to logo designing, it is important that are designers do as much research possible regarding your brand and product. Since a logo represents your business and is considered to be an ambassador of a business, the logo must be able to tell a lot about the business. Wherever your business might be operating, your logo will let people know the true identity, purpose, aim, goal, and motive of the business. Therefore, in order for us to come up with a logo design that truly represents your business we must collect personal information regarding your business.

This information helps us to design a logo that is able to portray an accurate information regarding your business. It also helps us to be more creative so that your logo not only tells a story but leaves a mark on the audience. Even though we collect all this information we never disclose this information to another party.

Your Information Is Safe with Us

One of the main reasons many business choose not to work with logo design agencies is because they worry their personal information might not be safe. Businesses worry the agency might give away the business’s personal information which could show their weakness to competitors. However, here at Logo Agency, we value your privacy. All the information we gather is only for your use and to help you get the logo you need. Any and every information gathered by our team regarding you or your business is never disclosed to anyone.

IAll the information we collect is erased or saved in a secure manner in case you come back to us for further upgrades. Also, if you’re worried someone might hack our systems in order to attain your information, don’t worry. We use a robust software that offers excellent security. This means our company’s data and your data is safe no matter what.

Third Party Involvement

At Logo Agency, we do everything on our own. We have a good team of designers who are excellent at analyzing, evaluating, and designing logos for all types of businesses. We do not request any help from other parties simply because we don’t need any help. Our team believes there should only be a connection between the client and us. This is because it gives us a better chance of understand your needs and requirements. Also, we know involving other parties would mean sharing your personal information. Therefore, involving other parties in the services we provide you is a big NO!

The only involvement included from another party/entity would be during the process of your payment. In this case you are only required to provide your details for the payment and not your personal information.

Your Consent Matters to Us

When you accept to acquire our services, we do not bound you to anything. We believe there must a good understanding between us and our clients in order for us to work more effectively. Therefore, when our designers are working on a project that try to develop a special connection with the client. This means our designers listen and understand to the needs and requirements of the clients very carefully. Our designers only share their ideas and thoughts they do not decide what is best for the client on their own.

When it comes to learning about your business, we do not force you to give us any personal information. We request our clients to share what they think would help us and give us an idea as to what their business is all about.

We Don’t Leave You Hanging

Once you acquire our services, we stay with you till the end. Actually, even when our project with you finishes, we still keep an eye at whether our logo has helped you or not. If our client is unhappy with a logo designed by us, we don’t force them to take it. We start from scratch if necessary because our client’s satisfaction is our top priority!

Once our project ends, and you don’t get the results you hoped for with our custom logo design, we will surely help you out. We are a logo design agency that aims to work in a professional manner and not cheat anyone. We ourselves want to prove that we are the best logo design agency so we make sure our designs and clients vouch for us!

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If you’re looking to get started and need our help in designing a logo, you can simply visit our website. Our website is safe for you to visit so don’t worry about it! You may also call us at 800-213-6017. If you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, please do contact us and let us know!

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