Every business needs a website. Why? Well, as the world has moved online, consumers look for products and services online. This means a consumer is more likely to purchase from a business’s website rather than from the outlet. The same applies to oil and gas companies. If you want your company to grow and succeed as an entity, you’ll need a great oil and gas web design. Here we’ve got the best oil and gas website design tips you can use to create one with perfection.

What’s Important to an Oil and Gas Company’s Website Design?

Well, a good web designer will know exactly what it takes for an oil and gas company’s website design to look great and meet the visitor’s needs. Therefore, we conducted interviews with our professional web designers at Logo Agency and asked them what’s important to an Oil and Gas Company’s web design. According to them, a good website must include a few key concepts in order to deliver the best results.


Visitors prefer to browse those sites that have an easy to use interface and layout. They want something that provides them valuable information instantly. What they don’t want is a site that makes them scan the entire page and search for appropriate information through links. Other than this, when a visitor lands on a site, your company name and other information needs to be presented quickly. Visitors won’t stick around on a site they don’t know who it belongs to.


Each element of your website should be laid out clearly so visitors can find them with ease and almost instantly. In fact, the faster a visitor finds what they want, the more likely they are to make a purchase. The site’s design needs to be clear and readable. In short, everything on the site should clearly indicate and express to the visitor what they can expect from the site.


A good web design has a layout that is easy to scan and understand for users. This is the responsibility of a professional web designer to place important information in the right places and make them stand out. With the help of the right color theme, various typefaces, and different elements and fonts, drawing the reader’s attention becomes easier. However, in order to make the most of the web design, the site must be easy to use. This means the page should load fast and every element must be visible instantly. Also, the web design should have the same level of functionality and an aesthetically appealing look over all devices. Design Your Oil and Gas Web Design with Perfection Now that we’ve covered what makes a great oil and gas web design, it’s time to mention a few of the tips our professional web designers suggest you to follow when creating a website. Below you’ll find a short and quick guide on what it takes to create a responsive oil and gas website design with perfection.

UX Research

Some might consider this is a bit too much. However, integrating UX research into your web design will help your site drive better results in the long run. UX research is a crucial part of the overall website design process. Think of it like this, would you launch a product without understanding the market or consumer? No right? So, why not conduct basic research when designing a site? Often businesses ignore this factor and that’s the biggest mistake they make. If you really want your oil and gas web design to meet the user’s needs, you’ll have to do market and consumer research before the design process.


The truth is that people love creativity and are attracted towards impressive visual designs and graphics. In fact, utilizing great graphics is a brilliant way to make the website stand out and more appealing. However, going overboard with the visualization of the design is never a great idea.

UX research will help you make the right decision when it comes to visually designing your site with perfection. Logo Agency Knows How to Design The Perfect Oil and Gas Web Design Do you want your gas and oil company to grow? Well, you need a good website in order to do so. Here at Logo Agency, we comprise a team of experienced and professional web designers that can help design and develop responsive oil and gas web designs.

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