When it comes to animation, some fundamental elements are essential to understand and use. For instance, keyframe animation is one of those fundamental elements that are essential during the process of animation. However, not many people understand what keyframe animation is and why it is so important. If you’re one of those people, you’re in the right place. We have all the information you need regarding keyframe animation!

Here at Logo Agency, we comprise an excellent team of video editors and animators. Therefore, our team is always ready to create highly engaging and entertaining animated videos. Today, we are going to be educating you on how keyframe animation works and why we use it when developing animated videos.

What is Keyframe Animation?

The whole process of animation including keyframes animations can be quite confusing to understand and often people wonder what keyframe animation is. The main definition of a keyframe is animating a graphics object by creating smooth transitions between various keyframes. Basically, this is considered as a drawing or shot that indicates the starting point and ending points of any animation. They are also known as frames because the position in time is measured in “frames” rather than any other measurement.

If you’re wondering what the purpose of a keyframe is, well, these are essential frames that comprise information regarding the start point and endpoint. The initial purpose of keyframe animation is that it enables you to understand and know what action is being performed by the frame and at what time.

Benefits of Keyframe Animation

Managing keyframe of course isn’t easy. It does take time to develop an understanding of how it works. However, once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy. Our team of animators at Logo Agency has a ton of experience with Keyframe animation. This is the reason when our clients need help with animated videos, we always produce the best! Using keyframe animation has been quite helpful for us and there are several reasons how.

When it comes to hand-drawn animation, it can be quite simple and easy for one to indicate faults that might not have been visible before. Also, changing positions is possible. Therefore, whatever you prefer or you think would seem better, you can change positions accordingly with the help of keyframe animation. Other than this, resizing the object, changing opacity, and the color is simpler and easier as well.

Keyframe Animation After Effects

If you’re wondering what the need for keyframe is in after effects, well, there are many reasons. For starters, keyframe animation is the most crucial and essential element of animation. The reason keyframe animations are considered to be important in after effects is because it tells after effects where the animation should start and end. Also, they help in changing the values in creating animation such as opacity, color, and position.

This freedom of controlling after effects enable infinite possibilities of making your animated video the best. With the help of keyframe animation not only is it possible to move one layer to a different side. Keyframe animations are useful when it comes to changing the opacity of an element as well. Even changing the scale of an element is possible!

How to Make a Keyframe Animation

Before we get into how to edit a video frame by frame, first, we need to how a keyframe animations are made. Well, below we have summarized it into three steps so that you have a clear picture of what the process of making video keyframe is.

Once you have the clip you want to animate, go straight into its effects panel. Once you’ve done this, click the stopwatch option. You’ll notice two tiny diamonds, those are the keyframes.

Play the clip you’re animating a few frames forward. Make changes accordingly such as changing the scale according to your preference.

Move the last keyframe to the end of the clip and move the first keyframe to the top. Sit back and watch how the clip begins to move!

Why We Use Keyframe Animation

After reading everything above, you might have a clear idea as to why we use keyframe animations. It is a great tool for editing purposes and turning simple clips into videos. Many of our clients come to us for animated videos, we use keyframe animation as it gives us more possibilities in making a magical animated video. Our team of animators and video editors have complete knowledge regarding keyframe animation. This helps them to come up with excellent animated videos.

Keyframing in video editing is a crucial tool. This is because it allows you to use and create several effects. However, using keyframing in video editing too much can result in there being too many effects. When it comes to mastering keyframing in video editing, our team at Logo Agency has done it. They know how to properly use keyframing in video editing to make sure the effects aren’t too much or too less. Therefore, making sure the video has the right amount of effects which portrays professionalism and increases engagement.

Other than this, we do use a ton of other video editing software for animation. This is because video editing software for animation give us more flexibility in turning videos into highly engaging and entertaining videos. You’ll find many software for animations but mastering them can be difficult. We have masters in our team who know how these video editing software work. Get the best animated video with our help!

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