Why has animation become so popular? Is animation a good career to pursue? How does one become a good animator? Common questions asked by people interested in the field of animation. Today we aim to provide you all the information you need to know regarding animation styles, techniques, and much more so hold on and keep reading on!

Why is Animation Popular?

Animation has given people an opportunity to tell stories in more interesting and engaging ways. This is why many businesses have started investing in animation services. With the help of animation, a business can instantly connect with online users, make a good impression, tell their story, and influence the viewer to further engage.

As businesses understand the benefits of good animation, the demand of animation services has gradually increased. Therefore, with this increase in the popularity of animation, becoming an animator seems like an interesting choice. However, there are a few things every animator should be aware of and that is the variety of animation styles out there. We’ve broken down these styles below;

Here are the types of animation styles we’ll be covering.* 3D computer animation

  • Traditional animation
  • 2D Vector-based animation
  • Stop motion
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D Computer Animation

3D animation is the process of creating an object or character that moves or rotates following the same principles as in real life. Basically, 3D computer animation is used to create two-dimensional moving pictures in a way that represents three dimensions.

This is the most popular animation style used when it comes to feature films, TV, and short films. 3D computer animation is the best style of animation to use for creating digital characters for live-action films and animated characters for video games.

Traditional Animation

Also known as cel animation, is a style of animation that consists of hand-drawn animation. This is a classic animation style that most people are aware of because it was the most used animation style to draw characters frame by frame and transferred onto sheets (cels) for painting in the earlier years of animation.

As the world evolved, so did the animation. And, now animators don’t use cels, instead scan the drawings into the computer for digitalizing. In short, this animation technique can be done two ways; hand-drawn entirely analog or digitally.

2D Vector-based animation

This type of animation style uses the same animation technique as traditional animation. In fact, it is also the term used when referring to traditional animation. But, typically, 2D animation can be referred to as computer animation that only adopts similar animation techniques of traditional animation.

This animation technique is a combination of artistic technique and media design that creates the illusion of movement in a 2D environment. It is the sequencing of individual drawings over time and giving them a look that indicates movement.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is a filmmaking technique in which elements such as objects are physically manipulated in small increments during the framing process. Basically, this animation style is about moving the object, capturing the image, then moving the object, and capturing another image. This process continues until the series is complete.

The motion of the images appearing to move comes when the images are edited into a continuous movie/film.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics is an animation style that consists of text as a major component. This animation technique is a piece of animation that is used to create the illusion of motion or rotation. Generally, it is combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Motion graphics is all about describing movement or an animated graphic design. This animation technique involves taking a graphic design that would be stationary and give it animation and movement. However, this movement has no story to tell which makes it quite different from other animation styles.

Why Should An Animator Know These Terms?

When heading down a certain career, one has to understand what the field has to offer. Also, understanding if that career has different paths to offer is crucial. A person must sit down and learn what those paths are. And, as an animator, as there are various animation techniques and styles, you simply cannot do everything or become perfect at every style.

This is because each animation style is different in its own way. Therefore, when deciding to become an animator you must know what animation styles there are and which style of animation has the most benefits for you.

Now that we’ve covered the 5 types of animation styles for you, it’s your choice to decide which one seems more interesting. You can also go ahead and find out what animation style is in more demand and benefits in terms of job security and a higher salary.

Also, one of the main reasons why every animator should know each animation style before heading into the career of an animator is because each animation style requires a different set of skills and knowledge.

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